The Casual Relationships among a Channel Entity’s Individual Power Sources and their Impact on Power, Constructive and Destructive Conflict, and Satisfaction: A Wholesaler’s Perspective

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This study investigates the casual relationships among suppliers’ individual power sources and their impact on power, constructive and destructive conflict, and ultimately wholesalers’ satisfaction. By using these power sources individually or by combing some of them, suppliers may manage conflict and boost wholesalers’ satisfaction. For example, the use of opportunistic and/or coercive power sources may intensify conflict and eliminate satisfaction. On contrary, the use of reward, referent, legitimate and expert power sources may individually or their combination decrease conflict and boost satisfaction. Data were obtained from a survey of 106 drug wholesalers about their relationships with drug suppliers. Results showed the following significant results: (a) the use of rewards on referent and expert power sources; (b) use of opportunism on referent, expert and legitimate power sources; (c) use of coercion on power; (d) use of opportunism on power; (e) use of reward on conflict with a constructive outcome; (f) use of opportunism on conflict with destructive outcome; (g) coercion on satisfaction; (h) referent on satisfaction; and (i) managing a conflict with a destructive conflict on satisfaction. Implications will be discussed in the conference.

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