Association of Marketing Theory and Practice Proceedings 2011


Service Quality Experiment of Leisure Cruises


Justin Wilcox

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Conference Proceeding

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Service Marketing/ Non-Profit Marketing/ Ethics

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The main purpose of my study is to examine Carnival Cruise Lines Service environment. The purpose of the study is to gain a greater understanding of consumers’ preferences and potential areas to improve the cruising industry. My research set out to gain information directly from consumers regarding their experiences on a Carnival Cruise (Valor). This brings up many different questions in terms of models of service relationships and how these models allow managers the ability to have a better understanding of gaps and areas of improvements. These improvements would be specifically centered on customer service as it’s related to service marketing. The value this research does for the cruising industry is huge, when used as a tool to benchmark against another cruise lines. This research also enables cruise lines to hear valid points from consumers though a research study while on the Carnival Valor.

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