Association of Marketing Theory and Practice Proceedings 2011


Cultural Similarity Bias In An International Service Context: Evidence From Three Countries


Ed Bruning

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Conference Proceeding

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Supply Chain Management/ International Marketing/ Business to Business Marketing

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Past research has determined that consumers use information cues to evaluate quality and performance characteristics of product offerings. Often, characteristics of a country's economy, cultural, or social processes serve as proxies to reflect product characteristics. In this study, I explore whether cultural similarity impacts preferences in a particular service context when competitors originate from different national cultures. My results confirm that consumers hold strong own-country preferences, thus confirming past research findings, but that attitudes towards specific foreign providers vary across competitors depending on the similarity of the competitor’s culture to the evaluator’s national culture. North American respondents hold negative biases towards firms from countries with distinctly dissimilar cultures and strong positive biases towards providers from countries with more similar cultures.

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