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Geolocation Social Marketing: Where Traditional and Social Media Marketing Meet

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Social media has changed the way we interact with the consumer or the fan. The services have allowed organizations to understand what customers like and do not like, what they want and do not want, and how they view things done by the organization. If a customer does not like something done by the organization you can be sure that the organization will find out about it through some social media outlet. So now there is one more way for customers to connect with their organization and that is through Geolocation services. Foursquare - expected to be the Twitter of 2010 - can increase loyalty just by playing a game. Gowalla can put a smile on the user’s face just by giving them a reward. Loopt Star is a loyalty program packaged in a geolocation application. Facebook Places allows the user to keep in touch with their friends and allows businesses direct access to their customers on the most used platform in social media. Geolocation social media applications are changing the way businesses and consumers interact – yet again.

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