Association of Marketing Theory and Practice Proceedings 2011


Toward An Understanding Of Brand Loyalty In Tough Economic Times: The Role Of Optimum Stimulation Level

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Drawing from the optimum stimulation level (OSL) framework, previous researchers have examined a variety of key brand topics, such as the relationships between individual exploratory tendencies, variety seeking, and brand attitudes. In spite of these insights, little work to date has examined how responses to the broad, prevailing economic environment, such as a recession, relate to individual OSL and consumer brand decisions. Without considering consumer response to a perceived environment, research falls short of producing comprehensive explanations for brand choice. Thus, the present research provides an exploratory study that addresses this shortcoming by investigating the impact of response to the economic environment and individual differences in OSL on brand loyalty. The findings in both a student and a non-student sample indicate that consumers do indeed consider the economic environment when making brand decisions. In particular, the results suggest that individual OSLs as well as cognitive and affective responses to the prevailing economic environment impact brand loyalty.

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