A Case Study for International Antitrust: Pepsi vs. Coke

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Contribution to Book

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European Perspectives in Marketing




Georgia Southern University faculty members Lynda S. Hamilton and Leslie B. Fletcher co-authored "A Case Study for International Antitrust: Pepsi vs. Coke" in European Perspectives in Marketing.

Book Summary: This resource examines marketing practices and consumer behavior in several EU countries, plus one EFTA country and one Associate EU member country. With conceptual frameworks, case studies, analytical insights into European marketing issues, empirical data, and propositions for future testing, European Perspectives in Marketing presents clear, understandable writing on:

  • outsourcing industrial products from Eastern and Central European suppliers
  • cross-cultural differences in the effect of advertising repetition and size—with a case study from Germany
  • the internationalization of small high-tech firms—with case examples from Norway
  • the impact of the euro on Italian consumers’ currency adjustment strategies—have they successfully adapted to the new currency by substituting their old internal price references (based on the high-denomination lira) with a new set of references that reflects the low-denomination currency of the euro?
  • international antitrust strategies and the policies of Pepsi and Coke in Europe as compared to in the United States—and a look at the managerial and public policy implications of US and EU antitrust regulations
  • recent advances in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and how they can reduce the communication barriers between and within geographically dispersed organizations
  • why young Turkish adults (high school and university students, and young people in the workforce) purchase and use mobile telephones for symbolic rather than practical reasons