Second Annual Center for Social Gerontology Conference

Conference Dates: October 13, 2017
Conference Location: Nessmith-Lane Center

Submission Deadline: April 21, 2017

Conference Theme: Contemporary Aging

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Proposals are being accepted for the following three presentation formats:

A. Workshop

A workshop is a 50 minute presentation where a single presenter or group of presenters will share information on an aging related topic related to the overall theme of the conference, Contemporary Aging. Workshops should offer insight, practice or instruction for professionals preparing to or currently working with the older adult populations and/or their caregivers. Workshop can be on original research or applied practice related to the older adult population and it is encouraged that they incorporate an interactive component. Workshops will conclude with a brief question and answer session..

B. Poster

Poster sessions consist of an exhibit of visual materials that the presenter attends for one hour. The poster should display original research or applicable knowledge or skills for professionals preparing to or currently working with the older adult populations and/or their caregivers. Works in progress and preliminary findings will also be considered. Presenters will discuss their projects and results with interested parties. Posters will be displayed for a total of 3 hours, with 1 hour of dedicated face-to-face presentation time. .

C. Panel

A panel discussion is a 50 minute session with co-panelists assembled by a primary organizer or chairperson. A panel discussion should include three or more individuals offering various perspectives on a single area of aging related to Contemporary Aging. Panelists from different organizations and/or institutions are encouraged to attend. This format lends itself to an overview of experience by multiple professionals working in an aging related areas. The organizer or chairperson introduces the session, explains the focus of the panel, introduces each of the panel members, facilitates questions and answers for the panel members and then provides a brief conclusion.

Need Help? Email for help on submitting proposals and presentations. If you have questions about the conference (ex. registration), please visit the Conference Homepage for further information including contact numbers and emails.