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The Effect of an Upper Extremity Power Training Intervention on Pain and Power Among Young People With Cerebral Palsy
Gavin T. Colquitt, Noelle G. Moreau, Li Li, Kristina Kendall, Robert L. Vogel, and Theophile B. Dipita


Tailoring a Physical Activity Promotion Program for a Rural Area
Gavin T. Colquitt, Moya L. Alfonso, Ashley Walker, and Vanessa Dunmore


Effect of the Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) on Health Related Fitness Knowledge and Class Time Physical Activity
Steven Prewitt, James Hannon, Gavin T. Colquitt, Timothy A. Brusseau, Maria Newton, and Janet Shaw


Using Participatory Action Research to Prepare Teacher Candidates for 21st Century Schools
Gavin T. Colquitt, Starla McCollum, A. Walker, and Tony A. Pritchard


An Examination of Caregiver Frustration Among Families Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN)
Gavin T. Colquitt, Ashley Walker, Theophile B. Dipita, Braydon Schaible, and Bethrand Ugwu


Predictors of Activity Limitations and Participation Restrictions Among Children With Cerebral Palsy
Braydon Schaible, Gavin T. Colquitt, Manuela Caciula, Li Li, and Matthew S. Moreau


Tactical Games Model in Elementary Physical Education
Starla McCollum, C. Johnson, Tony A. Pritchard, and Gavin T. Colquitt


The Relationship Among Meeting Physical Activity Guidelines and Binge Drinking in College Students
K. Johnson, Jody Langdon Dr., Tony A. Pritchard, Ashley Walker, and Gavin T. Colquitt


Tactical Games Model in Elementary Physical Education
Starla McCollum, Tony A. Pritchard, and Gavin T. Colquitt


Fun and Funds on the Run
Gavin T. Colquitt, Ashley Walker, Starla McCollum, and Tony A. Pritchard


Large Group Games: Active, Fun, and DAP
Starla McCollum, Gavin T. Colquitt, and Tony A. Pritchard


Culturally Tailoring a Physical Activity Intervention for Tweens in Rural Georgia
Moya L. Alfonso, Gavin T. Colquitt, and A. Walker


Effects of Power Training on Individuals With Cerebral Palsy: Preliminary Results From a Pilot Study
Kristina L. Kendall, Gavin T. Colquitt, Theophile B. Dipita, Keagan Kiely, Megan Jennings, Nicholas A. Coker, and Li Li

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