41 mW High Average Power Picosecond 177.3 nm Laser by Second-Harmonic Generation in KBBF

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Optics Communications




We report on the generation of high average power, high repetition rate, and picosecond (ps) deep-ultraviolet (DUV) 177.3 nm laser. The DUV laser is produced by second-harmonic generation of a frequency-tripled mode-locked Nd: YVO4 laser (<15 ps, 80 MHz) with KBBF nonlinear crystal. The influence of different fundamental beam diameters on DUV output power and KBBF–SHG conversion efficiency are investigated. Under the 355 nm pump power of 7.5 W with beam diameter of 145 μm, 41 mW DUV output at 177.3 nm is obtained. To our knowledge, this is the highest average power for the 177.3 nm laser. Our results provide a power scaling by three times with respect to previous best works.