Short Author Bio(s)

Dr. Janine Allen has led as Dean of Education and is currently Dean of Global Initiatives. Janine oversees a transnational partnership in Southeast Asia, has built a partnership with a university in Australia, a professional development collaborative with K-12 schools in Australia and is shaping additional international university partnerships throughout Asia, Peru, and New Zealand. She is leading an initiative of internationalizing curriculum to develop global praxis and cultural intelligence in K-12 educators and higher education faculty at the tertiary level. Raised in New Mexico on a Native American reservation has given her a passion for cultural engagement and equity in the classroom. Her scholarship interests are focused on creating capacity through mentoring, contextualized practices and culturally intelligent leadership.


Professional development offered to higher education faculty is meant to enhance pedagogy and improve practice. Inspired by a transnational partnership in Southeast Asia, this study aimed to discover how teacher education faculty perceived faculty development offered to them by university partnership colleagues from the United States. Survey findings indicate that certain faculty development strategies improved teaching and assessment practices and enhanced self-reflection. However, evidence also showed some negative faculty perceptions in relation to the US partner’s methodologies, and qualitative responses indicated a lack of relevancy to the Southeastern Asia context. Furthermore, negative correlations were found between faculty development workshops and teacher education faculty teaching subject area endorsement content and their praxis. Very little has been written on the impact of teacher educator professional development offered by transnational academic partnerships. Universities involved as transnational partners must be flexible, culturally sensitive and determine together areas of priority and relevance as a definition of success for partnership effectiveness.