Short Author Bio(s)

Michele Scoufis
University of Sydney
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I am the Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, and Director of Learning and Teaching at Sydney University. My areas of expertise include organizational psychology, interdisciplinary learning and teaching, internationalisation of learning and teaching, change management, assessment of student learning, critical thinking, academic literacies, and collaborative peer feedback on teaching. I am active in a variety of professional organizations; serve on the ISSOTL Board, as Australasian Vice President, with two colleagues participated in the RUCASTL initiative, and have evaluated multiple national Learning and Teaching Grants. I have also led National Projects in many of the areas above. Finally I have consulted for the Australian Learning and Teaching Council for multiple universities. My colleague’s commitment to their students’ and each other is my inspiration.


Excerpt: As a teacher in organisational psychology for more years than I care to remember (and yes students get younger every year!) and subsequently the Director of several university Learning and Teaching Units, I have come to wonder whether the “L” in SoTL has become lost or hidden from the public view. I believe that the pendulum has swung too far towards focusing on ‘what the teacher does’ instead of ‘what do we know about how and what the student is learning?’