Senior Editor Jeffrey Hall, Mercer University
Associate Editors: Megan Adams, Kennesaw State University
  Lucy Bush, Mercer University

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The GER journal, in association with the Georgia Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (GAMTE), will publish a special issue focusing on mathematics education. All manuscripts dealing with mathematics education submitted before November 30, 2016, will be considered for inclusion in this issue. The target publication time frame is Spring 2017. (Updated with new dates)

Current Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1 (2016)

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research


Assessing Male vs. Female Business Student Perceptions of Plagiarism at a Southern Institution of Higher Education
Daniel Adrian Doss, Russ Henley, Ursula Becker, David McElreath, Hilliard Lackey, Don Jones, Feng He, Mingyu Li, and Shimin Lin


Teacher and School Characteristics: Predictors of Student Achievement in Georgia Public Schools
Alisande F. Mayer, Ellen W. Wiley, Larry P. Wiley, Dianne C. Dees, and Simmie A. Raiford

Mixed Methods Research


Voices from the Field
Lina B. Soares